California Prosthetic Center is a state-of-the-art clinical facility that provides advanced technology to restore function and enhance the life of amputees with devices specifically suited for each patient, including prosthetic hands, arms and legs. We are currently the leader of upper and lower extremity prosthetics on the market today providing superior service and patient relations.

What Makes California Prosthetic Center Different?

  • Individualized Service - We consider every patient's needs as unique and strive to provide an individualized and personalized solution to meet those needs.

  • Education, Expertise and Technology - With a 7-14 day turn around time, in-house fabrications, on-site evaluations, and a 3/6/9 follow-up plan, California Prosthetic Center hits the mark. By partnering with practitioners/therapists and patients, the California Prosthetic Center team provides advanced, convenient, and consistent level of care...equipping the medical community, families, and caregivers with the highest level of independence with prosthetics. Our prosthetist combine education, expertise, technology and care with the latest innovations. 

  • Your Goals and Expectations - The disciplines of California Prosthetic Center include a clinical knowledge, insurance compliance, current technological trends, artisanship and interpersonal relationship development. California Prosthetic Center practices rehab medicine, which is a unique balance of physical, philosophical, psychological, social and spiritual elements, targeting individual goals and expectations for greater progression and success.