Touch bionic Access hand

Pioneering technology and innovative design features combine to make touch bionic access hand the world’s most lifelike, affordable, functional and easy to use myoelectric hand commercially available today.


Reliable, speedy and versatile, touch bionic access hand can be configured to handle almost anything you need to do. Touch bionic access hand is designed to be stronger and more durable than other hands available, meaning that it can be worn daily, and withstand the stresses and strains of constant use.


  • Individual Motors in each finger allow you to move the hand and grip in a natural, coordinated way. The motors are positioned to optimise weight distribution – making the hand feel lighter and more comfortable.

  • Powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger, giving you precise, reliable control over hand movements.

  • 14 Selectable grip patterns and hand positions enable you to perform a huge number of everyday activities with ease.

  • Proportional Speed Control gives you precision control over delicate tasks, so you can pick up an egg or hold a polystyrene cup as easily as crushing an empty can.

  • Three Wrist Options including Quick Disconnect, Multi-Flex and Short Wrist

  • Bebalance software and wireless technology located within the touch bionic access hand myoelectric hand makes it easy to customize the functions to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

  • Selectable thumb positions and a built-in sensor enable you to complete more tasks than ever before. Auto grip means no more accidents, as touch bionic access hand automatically senses when a gripped item is slipping and adjusts the grip to secure it.

  • Foldaway fingers provide natural looking movement, and flex when you brush past people or bump into objects.

  • Durable construction and advanced materials makes touch bionic access hand strong enough to handle up to 45kg – so you can confidently use the hand to carry heavy objects, and push yourself up from a seated position.

  • Innovative palm design protects touch bionic access hand from impact damage, and makes the hand quieter than ever.

  • Soft finger pads and a wide thumb profile maximizes the surface area, and enhances grip.

Boston Elbow

The Boston Digital Arm System is a platform for upper-limb prosthetic control.


The Boston Digital Arm System is a powered elbow with a microprocessor based control system that utilizes state of the art components. This digital system provides a “platform” for controlling various upper limb prosthetic devices such as hands, grippers, powered split hooks, wrist rotators and even powered shoulder joint actuators. It can control up to five devices and is compatible with virtually all manufacturers’ prosthetic components.


  • Completes a full cycle in 1.2 seconds. Up to 5 motor control Simultaneous operation of devices
  • Automatic locking in any position, power to unlock. Fast.
  • Independent gains for each channel (muscle)
  • On board recharging capability Patient feedback, either audible or vibratory Single site control option